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  • ANTALYA/ Turkey 01.05.2015
    Starting from 28/04 WINDROSE launches direct flights Kyiv/ Boryspil – Antalya (Turkey) – Kyiv/ Boryspil and the online ticket booking is available now. Purchase your summertime ticket. Travel with WINDROSE!
  • DALAMAN/ Turkey 31.03.2015
    WINDROSE performs direct flights to Dalaman (Turkey) every Tue, Fri & Sun. Book tickets online and organise your personal holiday!
  • PULA/ Croatia 26.03.2015
    WINDROSE operates direct flights to Kyiv/ Boryspil - Pula - Kyiv/ Boryspil. Book tickets online starting from 20/06 for the flights performing every Sat and experience really cool vacation ever!
  • Starting from 13/06 on Sats, Mons and Thurs we are flying to Kyiv/ Boryspil - Tivat - Kyiv/ Boryspil that are heading to one of the most popular tourist cities worldwide. Book your ticket to your best vacations right now and travel with WINDROSE!
  • RHODES / Greece 23.01.2015
    Visit those beautiful resorts of Greece suitable for your whole family with WINDROSE! Just book tickets online for the direct flights to Kyiv/ Boryspil - Rhodes - Kyiv/ Boryspill, which are performed every Mon and Fri starting from 1/05, and try our special services onboard. WINDROSE creates summer!
  • VARNA / Bulgaria 22.01.2015
    We are pleased to share with you the unique opportunity to travel to one of the most well-known and comfortable resorts of Bulgaria - Varna for the best ticket prices! Starting from 5/06 WINDROSE performs direct flights to Kyiv/ Boryspil - Varna - Kyiv/ Boryspil every Friday! Book tickets online and fly with us!
  • Starting from 5/06 WINDROSE invites you to spend the unforgettable summer holidays in the very best Bulgaria resorts. Book direct round-trip flights from Kyiv/ Boryspil to Burgas/ Bulgaria every Fri, all taxes and fees included. WINDROSE inspires!
  • We invite you to the sunny Greece & onboard of our direct flights Kyiv/ Boryspil - Heraklion (Greece) - Kyiv/ Boryspil, which will be performed starting from 29/04 on Tu, Th, Sa, Su. Don't hesitate to book a round trip ticket online, all taxes and fees included!
  • With the new 'Gold Wind' service package you are lucky to use three additional services at once: free selection of economy class seats; priority check-in; high-class premium menu to suit all tastes. WINDROSE takes care of you!
  • On 11/12/2014, by booking this service, you get the priority of check-in on a separate "PRIORITY" desk, which frees you from queues. The service is available on flights from departure airports: Boryspil, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Heraklion, Rhodes, Dalaman, Antalya, Bodrum, Burgas.
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FAST TRACK service

Price: 1,475 UAH (Tivat airport* - 3,580 UAH)

Special/ Premium menu service

Price: 465 UAH